FAQs for Youth


Do my parent(s)/legal guardian(s) have to be notified?

We notify your parent(s)/legal guardian(s) that you are safe. Our staff will present your case to your parent(s)/legal guardian(s) as one of asking for help and not running away.


Do my parent(s)/legal guardian(s) have to give permission for me to stay at Casa Youth Shelter?

In most cases, yes. parent(s)/legal guardian(s) usually give consent when they are informed about our program.


What if I can’t call my parent(s)/legal guardian(s) because I don’t feel safe?

Many times we can provide shelter without parental permission if we believe you will be in danger if you go home.


Can my girlfriend/boyfriend come to visit me?

Generally, no. Exceptions can be made with approval of a counselor and a parent /legal guardian, and then only as part of a counseling session.


I’m pregnant–can I come to Casa Youth Shelter?

Pregnant youth are welcome. Many pregnant young people have stayed with us.


Does Casa Youth Shelter have a non-discrimination policy?

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, personal beliefs, sexual orientation or gender expression.


Does Casa Youth Shelter provide transportation?

We do not typically provide transportation, however please contact us and we can help you make arrangements.



FAQs for Parents and Legal Guardians


How can I talk my youth into accepting the program?

Suggest that your youth come and take a tour of Casa Youth Shelter. Have him or her talk to a staff member. Refer your youth to other parts of this website for more information.


What kinds of fees are involved?

We have reasonable sliding scale fees for our highly professional services based on gross household income and the number of people living in the home. However, we have never turned away any youth in need due to lack of financial resources. Please discuss payment for services with the youth‘s assigned counselor.


Whom are you licensed by?

We are licensed by the California State Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing.


What are your counselors’ qualifications?

Casa Youth Shelter has licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, licensed clinical Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapy interns and graduates working on their Masters degrees.


Can friends of our family visit our child and take him/her off the premises?

Only with permission of the counselor and parent(s)/legal guardian(s).


Will my youth attend school while at Casa Youth Shelter?

While at CYS we are committed to providing our youth with educational services, including dedicated time for schoolwork, tutoring with trained professionals, and access to Chrome books. Parent(s)/legal guardian(s) are encouraged to bring homework and school assignments so that their child can stay engaged in their education while staying with us.


What if my child needs medication?

Accompanied by a prescription from a physician, staff at Casa Youth Shelter will administer necessary medication to your child. All medication, including over-the-counter must be prescribed by a doctor.