Volunteer spotlight: Los Alamitos Police Chief Eric Nuñez

Volunteer spotlight: Los Alamitos Police Chief Eric Nuñez

Chief Eric Nuñez of the Los Alamitos Police Department is a relative newcomer to the Casa Youth Shelter Board of Directors, having joined in January of this year. Though he has made quite an impact already, not least of which was acting as keynote speaker at this past October’s Youth Leadership Conference at Los Alamitos High School.

When asked why CYS is a cause particularly close to his heart, Chief Nuñez tells us a story: “I grew up in Norwalk. We didn’t have much, but my mother always seemed to be taking in people who had nowhere else to go.” As a result, frequent visitors in his home were a normal part of childhood.

“Years later, I ran into one of those visitors, and he confided in me that my mother taking him in all those years ago had had such positive effects on his life,” he added. It wasn’t until that moment that he realized what an impression his mother had made on so many people, and that her simple gesture of providing a place to stay had made such a difference. “I think CYS is similar in that way,” he says. “They’re there in that moment of need.”

Chief Nuñez is no stranger to giving back; he supports many causes including Children’s Hospital of Orange County, the United Way, and “anything to do with helping veterans.” He is involved with several other organizations including the Kiwanis Club of La Palma, the California Police Chiefs Association, and the Law Enforcement Cancer Support Foundation.

“CYS is such a valuable resource in our community. I only have so much time to give,” he says, “but serving on the CYS board is a great way for me to be involved.”

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