Take me out to the ball game

Take me out to the ball game

Some may remember about a year ago when an unexpected delivery of cupcakes, balloons, and gifts arrived at the shelter courtesy of Kirsten Spreitzer, a woman who’d lost her daughter seventeen years prior. Kirsten wished to honor her daughter’s memory with a celebration, “paying it forward” with a special treat for our shelter kids.

This year, Kirsten treated the kids with tickets and food vouchers for an Angels game; giving the kids a fun summer evening outing and the unforgettable experience of a major league game, with hot dogs and soda included! The game took place one day after the 18th anniversary of her daughter’s passing. “I am considering it a celebration of the day she went to heaven, she said. “I am so happy to memorialize this time of year by offering kindness to the kids at Casa.”

“When I gave the kids at Casa a birthday party last year on her birthday, it gave me so much joy. I decided then that I will do something like that every year. So when I started planning something for this year, I was looking forward to her birthday and anniversary of her death, because I was so excited to use this as a reason for your kids to receive kindness.”

We are continually humbled by and grateful for people like Kirsten; people who give for the pure joy of giving help make what we do possible, and every little act of kindness matters!